Taxis are widely available on Rhodes. Large taxi stations are located at the airport and in Rhodes town near Mandraki Harbor. You can also stop passing taxis. The taxis are mostly black with a small taxi sign on the roof.

The Municipality of Rhodes has published a price list for taxis. The prices are about one Euro per km. A ride from the airport to Rhodes town will cost about € 25. To avoid surprises, it's always a good idea to discuss the price with the taxi driver before the ride.

You can order taxis on Rhodes via the following numbers (if you're using a mobile phone now, you can call by clicking the numbers):

within Rhodes town: +030 22410 69800
outside Rhodes town: +030 22410 69600

Taxi Stations:

Ixia: +030 22410 69600
Ialyssos: +030 22410 92515
Kremasti: +030 22410 94520
Faliraki: +030 22410 85444
Afandou: +030 22410 51777
Lindos: +030 22440 31466
Lardos: +030 22440 44047

There are some special rules, which increase the prices under some circumstances :

  • taxi order by phone
  • starting of taximeter
  • start or destination airport, or start at the harbor
  • luggage weight over 10 kg
  • waiting for the customer
  • double fares from 0:00 h to 5:00 h

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